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April 2015


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April was fun and action packed!

Winter Pajama Shopping
The children had a fun outing to buy new Pyjamas. Thank you to the 10 ladies that assisted and volunteered to take the children shopping and to the staff members at PEP Stores that helped our children find cosy, warm PJ’s for the upcoming winter.

Cricket Match
The boys at CLA (Christian Life Academy) had a cricket match against a neighbouring school. They all looked so smart in their cricket kit! After the tiring match everyone got juice and cookies!

Swimming Lessons
The children are attending swimming lessons!They practiced kicking, for freestyle and practiced how to take a breath when swimming freestyle.Then it was time combine what they had learnt, by kicking and breathing at the same time. Some of the children managed to do it with their hands together, others used a swimming board.Diving time! At least that’s what they were supposed to be doing, but belly-flops make a much bigger SPLASH! However, they soon determined it hurt less if they dived properly!Tabitha’s children also learnt how to float on their back and kick, using a swimming board. First step to learning backstroke.

Outing to the National History Museum
Flying High with the Birds of South Africa “Monkeying around” with the Primates of Africa.“Back in Time” with the Prehistoric Display. Being Proudly South African!Everything was interesting and “cool” according to the kids Some things were scary! Some things were adorable and “so cute”! And some had really big names like Hippopotamus!

Movie time

Follow these links to find our videos of the month on YouTube.

Donation requests
 Blankets
 Warm clothing
 Funding

Requests from the Director
Fasting commenced on 20 April 2015. All members of Tabitha and interested parties have been requested to join us for a day, starting in the morning and ending the following morning, where the next group will continue. This fasting will start on a Monday and end on a Friday for a complete month. If you wish to join us as we seek God for a day a week, please let us know.
Area’s to commit to fasting:
 All aspects of Tabitha Ministries
 Health and Welfare of the children
 Prosperity of the community
 Pray for those afflicted with HIV/Aids
 Children in Child-Headed Households, their safety and welfare
 The country of South Africa and the tension it is facing
 Finances
 Gods provision to sustain the ministry

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