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March 2015


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The month of February 2015 was very eventful!

Tooth Mouse Came to Visit
Sipho lost one of his front teeth at the beginning of this month! He was so proud to show off his front tooth gap. The next morning his excitement just grew when he found that the “toof mouse” had left a present in the place of his tooth under his pillow!

Fun in the Sun at the Beach
So much fun was had at the beach! The day was jammed packed with awesome activities and even better food! Truly a day to remember…Thank you GLBC for a truly wonderful weekend! The kids had so much fun with all the activities that took place!
The ocean is fun to play in and beautiful to look at but it also knows how to sneak up behind you and give you a very wet hug! Our Lifeguards were on high alert, to make sure that everyone was safe, while they swam!
Nqo and Bonga decided to take a different approach to building sandcastles, instead of building they buried our volunteers!
And after a wonderful day of fun in the sun, sand in our toes, and the breeze in our hair with salty water everywhere! What could be better than a delicious meal from KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)!

Homework and Reading Time
Our wonderful volunteers and appointed teachers are always there to help with homework problems the children may have! It is also important to keep the children interested in reading… so there is regular story-time. If we are lucky, the character in the book comes to life! This deepens the child’s understanding of the book and helps them to grow their imaginations!

Valentine's Day
It was dress up day for 14th February, the day of Love. The Children had to be smartly dressed for school in civvies, but had to have a splash of red or pink on them! The Big Boys all looked so handsome, and the Girls were so beautiful in pink and red. At school their friends thought they looked so pretty they even got a Valentine’s Day car, and Bekkie even got a chocolate heart!

Movie Time
Follow this link:
Our wonderful volunteers teaching our babies how to sing and dance to Hokey Pokey! The babies love it! and the new catch phrase is, " SIng hokey tokey with me !!"

Prayer Requests
 Funding for repair of storm damage
 Health for children and staff
 Training in the community
 Food for the Hope Centre and the Community Centre
 For God’s blessings upon Tabitha Ministries

Donation Request
 Funding for School Fees
 Funding for repair of roof due to storm damage
 Food for the Hope centre and the Community
 Winter is coming up, so provision of blankets and warm clothing would be greatly appreciated.
 White Paint for ceilings that are stained from water damage.

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