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April 2014


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April-Our Easter Storybook Month

We have had such a wonderful month of April so far at Tabitha. We really enjoyed celebrating Easter with egg hunts & making Easter crafts with local volunteers. We have studied the Resurrection Story & are fascinated with how large the Stone was that was rolled away when Christ arose from that tomb. The kids got to see & experience their first wedding ceremony. Our baking classes & construction project are in full swing. Finally, we wished our lovable interns from Tear Fund a fond farewell. The sounds of the Tabitha Song they wrote still echo in our halls.

Bible Storying

The Tabitha children love to sit and listen to the Great Stories & Truths of the Bible. We are currently going chapter by chapter through the Bible and covering every Bible story in order during the year. It is great to watch how their little minds soak up Scriptural Truths and see how so many Old Testament happenings all pointed toward Christ Jesus coming.

A Fond Farewell….

Oh how time flew by while our Tear Fund Interns were here the last 2.5 months. We loved every minute they were here helping us learn Bible verses, new songs, new Bible stories, as well as assisting in our school with reading and maths. We can never thank them enough for all the love and hugs they gave us. They blessed us with a beautiful song they wrote as well… plus new journals on their last weekend. BUT best of all, they bought the kids KFC the last weekend. WHOOOO HOOOO!

Under Construction

The Boys Bathroom is complete. Check….
Thanks to our American Construction Team, our Boy’s Dorm now has walls, a beautiful ceiling, and the rooms are tiled.

Tabitha’s First Wedding

The Tabitha Kids got to see their first ever wedding ceremony this month. Amanda and Jarrod (former interns at Tabitha) re-enacted their wedding vows for the kids so they could see & celebrate with them. There was some 1st rate Zulu dancing as well!

Egg-citing Easter Outing Fun

Here are some pictures of our Easter Egg Hunts and Crafts done with Local Volunteers!

Praises and Prayer Concerns


•    Our Saviour is Risen!
•    God providing for the Hope Centre Construction needs
•    Funding for food for Sweetwaters for the next few months!

Prayer Concerns:

•    God to send a person skilled in wood working to help restore our furniture and someone gifted in secretarial work and manning a switchboard
•    God to provide funding for children’s school fees and for teacher salaries
•    Incoming volunteers and their belongings to arrive safely and stay healthy. Visas to be granted for May interns
•    Wisdom in handling staffing and children’s schedule
•    Continued support of local volunteers to provide help in painting dorms, decorating kid’s lounges & bedrooms, and investing in our kids spiritually & academically.

Donations (used/new/cash):
•    Sofa or chairs for lounges
•    New or used laptops for our computer lab
•    School fees for 28 kids in school (R690/month)
•    Funding for teacher salaries for our school
•    Mirrors to hang for dressing tables or lockers
•    Toothbrushes for children
•    Boy’s underwear (sizes 7/8-10/12 are critically low)
•    Children winter or tennis shoes (all sizes ages 3-11)
•    Window treatments for Boys and Girls dorm (approximately R5000)
•    New/used VHS or DVD for kids (Christian or G/PG rated movies or kids programs)

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