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March 2014


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Time Marches on this Month!
This month has flown by at Tabitha. Our kids competed in a gym & choir competition and had a cricket match versus Pelham. Our interns have been hard at work tutoring our kids, sharing Christ with patients in Sweetwaters, and doing daily devotions with the children of the Hope Centre in the mornings and the evenings. We also worked with the SPCA to provide better healthcare for the animals in the Sweetwaters area this month. Renovations are also in full swing!

Fantastic Gymnastics
On March 14th, The Tabitha kids competed in a gym competition. We won many awards. Tim Tim (level 2), Ingi (level 2 gymstar), Bunny (gymstar 1), and Nzuzo (gymstar 1) all received golds. Amanda (level 2 gymstar) and Lulu (level 2) received silver. Mandy (level 3) and Esther (gymstar 1) received the bronze medal. We are so proud of our gymnasts. Mandy even competed against teens but placed 3rd. We are so proud of them!

Howick Choir Festival
Our Christian Life Academy choir travelled to Howick. They participated in a festival with schools who learn under the ACE curriculum. It was at the Oasis Church in Howick. The director complimented them on their enthusiasm and ability to harmonize.

KFC Mini Cricket Guard of Honour
On 15 March, our boys cricket team went to the Oval to be recognized by the Eastern Province team. They received medals and cricket gear. They also got to play a match versus Pelham primary school.

Intern Impact
Our interns are doing a great job mentoring the children spiritually. They provide a small group devotion in the mornings and evenings. Each intern mentors 4-6 children. They also share the gospel on home visits in Sweetwaters.

Bringing Healing to the Whole Sweetwaters community
Tabitha partnered with Friends of the SPCA and sponsored a few days where the people of the Sweetwaters community could bring their pets to our community centre to received free pet health care. Animals were fed, vaccinated, and neutered to improve the overall health of the animal as well as the human community of Sweetwaters

Praises and Prayer Concerns


  • God providing funding, labour, and materials for building projects on going.
  • New sofas from local donors
  • Growth in our kids spiritually and academically

Prayer Concerns

  • God to send a person skilled in wood working to help restore our furniture
  • God to provide funding for children’s school fees and for teacher salaries
  • Volunteers and their belongings to arrive safely and stay healthy. Visas to be granted for May interns
  • Wisdom in handling staffing and children’s schedule

Donation requests (used/new/cash)
•    Sofa or chairs
•    Funding for teacher salaries for our school
•    Tennis shoes for our boys playing cricket
•    Picnic tables 4 total - approx R2000 each
•    Umbrellas - R50 each
•    Multivitamins for children
•    Children’s play clothes (sizes 2-11)
•    Children shoes (all sizes age 3-11)
•    Beginner Band Instruments
•    Ceiling fans 7 total - R300 each
•    Window treatments for Boys and Girls dorm (approximately R5000)
•    New or used laptops
•    School fees for 28 kids in school R690/month

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