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February 2014


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February has flown by for us at Tabitha Ministries. We had a great month making many new friends. Our 6 new interns from Tear Fund started this month. We had a great VBS with the team from Grove Level Baptist Church. There was a great outing to the beach and a water park day at Hilton Baptist. Our boys played a real live cricket match on the big fields in town. All month we continued to share the love of Christ on home visits in Sweetwaters and told the world what Christ has done to rescue us!

Moses came to the Hope Centre
Grove Level Baptist Church from Dalton, Georgia came to the Hope Centre the last week of February and put on a wonderful VBS. The kids heard about the life of Moses, learned lots of new verses and songs and got new Bibles at the end of the week.

The Tear Fund Interns are Here!
On Feb 2nd, we got 6 new awesome interns from the UK for 3 months at the Hope Centre. These talented Christians are sharing the love of Christ by leading the children in morning and evening devotions daily, going on home visits in Sweetwaters and are spreading the love of Christ in our school as they tutor and monitor the kids in their classes.

Local Volunteers Hard at Work
We have been blessed this month with a lot of local South African Christians coming to the Hope Centre to donate their time and talents to help with our renovations. Melanie Rood has been vital in bringing her small group to help refurnish the new boy’s dorm lockers. She also organized a wonderful group of talented local artists who used their talents to paint beautiful murals for the boy’s lounge. We thank you all so very much!

Busy Little Tabitha Bees on Outings
We had a lot of fun this month on outings. The boys played their first real Cricket match at the Oval. We also went to the Durban Beach, had a slip and slide party, had Water park day at Hilton Baptist and had cooking lessons with the McKays

Praises and Prayer Concerns:
•    Sweetwaters patients responding to hearing the gospel        
•    Thankful for the mission team who came and our new interns, and local volunteers.
Prayer Requests
•    Wisdom in how we handle follow up visits with patients
•    For new believers to grow in the Lord
•    Wisdom in how to best to carry out the boy's wing renovation

Donation requests (used/new/cash)
•    Remodel Costs for Boys Wing: (approx. R70,000 for bathrooms, R50,000 for bedrooms)
•    Labor cost – approx R80,000
•    Sofa or chairs
•    Picnic tables 4 total - approx R2000 each
•    Umbrellas - R50 each
•    Multivitamins for children
•    Children’s play clothes (sizes 2-11)
•    Children shoes (all sizes age 3-11)
•    Beginner Band Instruments
•    Ceiling fans 7 total - R300 each
•    Window treatments for Boys and Girls dorm (approximately R5000)
•    New or used laptops
•    School fees for 28 kids in school R690/month

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