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August 2013


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Saturday, 3rd August, Bonga and Cebo participated in a canoe race at the local club that has been sponsoring lessons for a few of our older boys every Saturday. It was a great day full of joy and laughter. The other children were able to attend and participate in a braai. They enjoyed watching the race, playing in the jumping castle, and playing soccer with other local children. Both boys won prizes and were rewarded with their very own bag of chips! They were very excited with their special treat!

Work in Sweetwaters is still underway with food distribution to the needy and child-headed households and care of the sick, by caregivers moving from house to house and seeing to their needs. Our latest venture has been the start of small businesses, such as beading and baking, where the produce is being sold at pension days and at schools. We are very excited with our computer project, where we are teaching the basics to school leavers on how to become computer literate.

 Tim Tim and Lulu had another gym competition this weekend. Both did well. Lulu received a bronze medal. Tim Tim received a gold medal and scored highest on the floor exercise. He also received his Natal Colours. We are so excited and proud of our gymnasts.

 Spotlight: Seth

Seth is a child of promise. From one of the most unbelievably tragic circumstances; the Lord gave this child life. Medically, he had been abandoned. Due to the fact that he had no lungs to speak of, his milestones were incredibly retarded, but by the grace of God, through much love and prayer, we started taking one step at a time towards putting together a little shattered person and seeing this child coming to life. In the natural, he should be dead. He should not be able to smile, talk, or sing. And we now have the dearest little boy, who screams with laughter, is attending school with a caregiver, and, can you believe it, he pinched his sandwich the other day and ran out of the class with everybody charging behind him to go sit on the step and eat! Yes, little things, but in the light of the kingdom, they are huge. To see this little boy sitting at prayers with his guitar on his lap, strumming and trying to sing a chorus, is a sight that brings tears to your eyes. The word that is so real to me is that Jesus shows us never to give up on the broken or the “throw-aways.” They are so precious in his sight and nobody is on this earth by chance, but by his design.” - Mamma Gail

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