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July 2013


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School has begun again and life at the Hope Centre has settled back into the familiar routine. Most of the children were happy to be back at school with their other friends and were eager to learn new things.

Tabitha has been blessed with several visitors and volunteers the last couple of weeks. Nelson Mandela’s birthday was an especially exciting occasion. Several groups of people came to spend time with the children. They came bearing gifts of hotdogs, cake, sweeties, toothbrushes and other essentials for each child, and quite a lot of sports equipment. The children loved the celebration and had a great time making new friends!

The centre was blessed with special handmade clothing that was donated for the children. The children loved trying on their dresses and new boxer shorts.

We are working to get each of the children into some type of extra activity. Four of our boys are participating in Scouts on Friday nights. A few of the older children are taking canoeing lessons on the weekends. Some of the children have started art class this past week. We are also excited to say that two of our kids went to a gymnastics competition last Saturday and performed very well. We are very proud of our gym champions!

Seth has been making tremendous progress over the last few months. He loves sitting in his classroom with his other schoolmates.

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