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Training Courses

Our Training has increased.  Our Aim is to address major issues in the community and provide suitable training to equip our students.

Follow-up days are arranged where a lot of practical work is done as well as Training on key wellness issues.


Educating Children

The following activities are done with children:

  1. Puppettering
  2. Drama
  3. Peer-Group Education of Teenagers


Schools Programme

We have reached over 45,000 children in our schools programme.  This comprises puppetry drama as well as one week of training for teenagers in Peer Group education.   At present 2 young Black people are in training to assist Isabel in moving out into the rural schools.  Our puppet shows are in English and Zulu.

A Collection of Thumbnail Pictures of our Children Education Programmes, please click on a picture to enlarge it.

  tt001.jpg tt002.jpg tt003.jpg tt004.jpg  
  tar001.jpg tar002.jpg tar003.jpg  

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