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Home Based Care in Sweetwater’s

We have teams of Home Base Carers who are voluntary workers, moving amongst the community from Monday to Friday.  Our patients are often bedridden and bordering on starvation due to lack of resources.  Many elderly Grannies have up to 15 children whom they care for on a meagre pension.  Only God knows how they manage and we are the only means of food and medicine.

God’s supply in money, food and gifts has been overwhelming.  This has made the ministry possible and we would just like to thank each and every one of you who have contributed in any way to enable us to reach to reach the folk out there.  The down  side of this is that poverty is rampant.  Many people are dying .  I fear this is going to escalate.

A Collection of Thumbnail Pictures of our Home Based Care Workers and some of the patients we visit in the rural areas.  These pictures are all thumbnails, please click on a picture to enlarge it.


  ddt001.jpg ddt002.jpg ddt005.jpg ddt004.jpg ddt003.jpg  
  ddt006.jpg ddt007.jpg




ddt012.jpg ddt010.jpg  
  ddt011.jpg   ddt009.jpg


  • Sweetwaters caregivers visit patients on daily basis.
  • Professional visitation is made on a weekly basis.
  • Caregivers receive regular in-service training to improve their level of knowledge and quality of service.
  • Food, care kits, bedding, clothing is distributed to the destitute

dtd000.jpgSome of the food parcels that went into the community.

  dtd002.jpg dtd003.jpg  
  Male caregivers. Soup for the children - 50 litres donated weekly.  
  dtd004.jpg dtd005.jpg  
  Visiting an elderly granny - stroke victim. Outside a house in Sweetwaters.  
  dtd006.jpg dtd007.jpg  
  Children with no family receiving presents and food. Visiting a family.  
  dtd008.jpg dtd009.jpg  
  Visiting a family and attending a wound. Home based caregivers visiting a home.  
  dtd010.jpg dtd011.jpg  
  Granny eating a sweet. Gail visiting a patient's home.  

dtd012.jpg dtd013.jpg

Gail and caregivers handing out food to children. Home based caregivers in Sweetwaters.
  dtd014.jpg dtd015.jpg  
  Home base caregivers visiting client. Hope Centre volunteers going on an outing to the beach.  

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