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Children from Child Headed Households

Children from Child Headed Households are where their adult caregiver has died or are living in a home where the adult caregiver is critically ill and reliant on their children.

Due to the programme that Tabitha Ministries has established young vulnerable children are placed in the care of a “mobile mother’ and reintroduced into a School Programme

List of Services Provided

  • Food Security
  • Clothing
  • Improved School Attendance
  • Monthly training/Fun Days for Child Headed Households
  • Uniforms
  • Pshyco social Support for the Family
  • Introduction to health programme were necessary
  • Assistants to obtain child grants and school subsides

A food parcel as well as other basic necessities are provided on a needs basis thus improving the stability and quality of life in the destitute family. 

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